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An Opportunity That Changes Life

Do you want to become Self Independent? Then today let me introduce this platform to you that can change your life for sure. Idigitalpreneur is the platform where we change many lives till now. Wants to know how then read till last.

I am Ashutosh Pratihast

Founder of IDigitalPreneur, ItravelPreneur, SwarmandalStudios, and BrainAid Official

He started his journey at the very young of 19 as a public speaker. Now, founder of 4 profitable start-ups and transforming lives of millions. He is an entrepreneur, trainer, author, and business coach. He has a youtube channel with more than 3.5 Lakh subscribers. In his journey, he has trained over 1 million+ people and created a turnover of more than 3 Cr. in just 8 months.

Do you want to learn from an expert himself?


Get Free Trips


Living the best life with my community. The place of highest mountains, crystal clear skies, thrilling adventurous activities, Buddhist Monasteries, etc.


Enjoying the free trips with the best leaders makes you learn more new things. A place of natural Charm and unparalleled beauty. Enjoy different adventurous activities like paragliding, ice skating, rafting, etc.


Celebrating my birthday with my Idigitalpreneur family on beaches. The trip was full of excitement, enjoyment, and thrill. Getting the best exposure of knowledge and fun with nature's beauty is always the best part.

Special Drive for Needy people

On the occasion of my birthday, I and my team distribute food and old clothes to needy people as it makes me happy to help people. Also by the god grace, we decided to conduct drives once a year.


A trip to Mumbai for an entrepreneur meet. Discussed a lot of new techniques and strategies to create a business 10X in next coming years


Indore is the largest metropolitan city in Central India. I visited this place with some of my team members to get more exposure and to meet up with my Indore community.